F & I U (Factory And Inudustrial Undertaking)

By 2021 年 7 月 2 日產品服務
Factory and Industrial Undertaking (Safety Management)regulation is to facilitate the owners and contractors to implement a safety system suitable for Hong Kong PRC, In Factory and Industrial Undertaking (Safety Management)regulation) there are 14 key elements to provide guidelines for any establishment employing 100 employees, including construction site, dock, factory, and any other industrial sites (involved with electricity, gas or LPG production, delivery and containering), and any contract at 100 million HKD or above, or building and construction suppliers or owners employing 100 workers or more, must implement a safety control system in accordance with F and I U, they must also carryout periodic audits to ensure compliance. Related material: From 2002 March, Factory and Industrial Undertaking(Safety Management) is in full enforcement in Hong Kong.  Factory and Industrial Undertaking(Safety Management)