SA 8000 Social Accountability Management System

R2 (Responsible Recycling)@EN
SO 14001:2015 國際環境管理體系 (EMS)

SA 8000 Social Accountability Management System

SA 8000 is a workplace standard that covers all key labour rights. Decent workplace conditions not only pleases and enhance worker-moral, increase productivity but also pleases your buyers in U.S.A., Canada and Western Europe.

SA8000 Key Elements:

  • Child labour
  • Forced labour
  • Health and safety
  • Labour union
  • discremination
  • disciplinary action
  • working time and wages

Why SA 8000:

Consumers of today not only care prices and quality, they also expect the goods they bought is produced under moral and ethical conditions. Consumer attitude to social responsibility is now enjoying increase impact to all players in the supply chain.
SA 8000 assisted organizations to have strategic decisions on ethical and moral issues, protect creditability and public image, also provides a baseline for organizations to obtain third party certification.

SA 8000 Compliance Benefits:

A SA8000 certified organization can:

  1. Manage social responsibility under its control and scope;
  2. Provide evidence to interested parties through company policy, procedures and measures of its compliance to international requirements.

So that organizations are able to:

  1. Enhance international image;
  2. Win consumer approval;
  3. Provide investors with long term returns;
  4. Reduce accidences, improve quality;
  5. Cultivate employee and customer loyality;
  6. Increase competitiveness.

Who Needs SA 8000:

Certified organizations are not limited by location, sector or company size. It is competable to other management standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001.
Manufacturers with products export to US and European countries, SA 8000 is become increasing important to them to maintain and increase business.

SA 8000 Consulting and Certification:

similar to other ISO international standards.

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