CMR (成本管理作業體系)


CMR (成本管理作業體系)

CMR (Cost Management Re-creation) is a series of methods on manage cost , control cost, and reduce cost, most suitable for SMEs. cost, a major factor in business operation, only through cost control that a company can compete in this highly challenging business world, but the conflict is between cost and quality, this is always a dilemma. CMR features tailor-made to suit individual companies, moreover, existing resources are maximised, reduced restructure cost, and reduce risk of restructuring.

CMR cost reduction key projects:

  1. Improve management system, save management resources;
  2. Improve inventory, reduce capital tie-up;
  3. Re-engineer production process, add-value to HR;
  4. Equipment management, improve productivity;
  5. Improve quality management, reduce defective cost;
  6. Excel service system, strengthen competitiveness.

CMR Introduction, Implementation and Time :

Before re-engineering, FormalWin consultant team will diagnose the enterprise as a whole (3 to 7 days), current reality analysis, focus on internal and external problems, decide on objectives, prepare improvement program, all programs are tailor made, specific to client status to achieve best results.

CMR implementation, lead by FormalWin consultant team, client also have to form a corresponding management team , activities include trainiing, target setting, working plan and action steps, project implement and progress monitoring, if needed, a different team will be appointed to audit compliance upon completion of the project.

Specific to individual enterprise status and objectives, implementation time can be defined during project preperation, however, the usual span of time is six to eight months , production line effectiveness is usually seen in three months (tme needed for availibility of equipment is not included here).

CMR Consultant group and experts :

CMR is provided by consultant teams, at different stages or the project, different consultants will be responsible, all FormalWin consultants in CMR are over 15 years of hands-on experience, for different sectors we shall provide different experts, they are specific and practical.

CMR essense is to reduce cost , train up resources, all projects are tailored to client needs, upon completion of the project, client is able to operate on its own.

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