MMS Micro Management Series

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MMS Micro Management Series

Lim HengJe—Hong Kong“Chinese have perfect great aspiration, faultless policy blue print, but, when it comes to micro management, we are in a mess, ”
Economic Journal owner


  1. ISO 9000 Certified Company Internal Audit Management
  2. Training Management
  3. Vendor Management

What is Micro Management?

  1. “Eye on macro, hands-on micro”
  2. Step by step, foot-print by foot-print;
  3. Action steps of every process;
  4. Work instructions to each activity;
  5. A base to scientific management;
  6. Logistics after initiativeness;
  7. Daily monitoring and fault prevention;
  8. Action plan to concepts;
  9. A process of continuous improvement,
  • Procedure → Process → Activity Task
  • Starts with an internal audit procedure → Internal audit process → Internal audit → Internal audit action steps

Consulting Service:

ISO 9000 certificate holder companies conduct “Internal audit management”:

  • Prepare audit plan
  • Sort out previous year CARs and MR reports
  • Select internal auditors
  • Training of internal auditors
  • Responsible for liason work
  • Prepare checklist
  • Implement overall audit
  • prepare CARs
  • Prepare audit report
  • Prepare management report
  • Follow-up and Close-out CARs

Training management:

  • Prepare training and HR development procedure
  • Survey and analyse training needs
  • Prepare annual implementation plan
  • Analyse departmental training needs
  • Prepare key staff training program
  • Assist in preparing training budget
  • Conduct training courses
  • Select suitable trainers
  • Training of trainers
  • Evaluate training effectiveness
  • Follow-up training effectiveness
  • Prepare manpower training plan
  • Assist in implementing of the HR training plan
  • Prepare annual report
  • Follow-up progress

Vendor Management:

  • Re-evaluate qualified vendors Criteria
  • Review Existing vendor list
  • Prepare vendor audit checklist
  • Prepare vendor audit annual plan
  • Conduct on-site vendor audit
  • Prepare audit report
  • Prepare management report
  • Follow-up effectiveness
  • Assist to build up long term supplier relationship (Supplier Partnership)
  • Assist to set up supplier audit system

Customer Benefits:

ISO 9000 certificate holder companies “Internal audit management”:

  • Full compliance with CAV requirements
  • Avoid internal administration work
  • Avoid internal audit time conflict
  • Trained internal auditors
  • Professional, able to monitor actual operation
  • Avoid last minute preparation
  • Save time and manpower
  • Management system continue to improve
  • After service available

Company training management:

  • Realise people based strategy , fully release manpower potentials
  • Enhance employee competences
  • save manpower and enable best return from training investment
  • Professional service provides high return
  • Enlighten HR work load
  • Lower turn over

Vendor management :

  • Assist to reduce raw material cost
  • Improve purchasing effectiveness
  • Better supply chain relationships
  • Reduce raw material quality problems
  • Professional service provide actual monitoring of operations
  • Company save time and manpower
  • After service available

Consulting Fee:

  • Without measurable effectiveness, no charge
  • Hong Kong and PRC uniform charge

FormalWin Competitive Edge:

  • FormalWin in Hong Kong is the only CNCT accreditated organization.
  • FormalWin GZ is the only accreditated consulting company with a Hong Kong background.

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