R2 (Responsible Recycling)@EN

SA 8000 Social Accountability Management System

R2 (Responsible Recycling)@EN


R2 (Responsible Recycling) is management system specifically for electronics recycling industry, it consists of 13 elements, including:

  1. Specified the management system requirements for Recycler of electronic products where ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18000 are in place;
  2. Focus on the “Hierarchy of Responsible Management” and tracking throughput in which the downstream vendors’ responsibility is defined.
  3. A “Legal Compliance Plan” demonstrates all operations managed in full compliance with the laws and regulations of exporting countries;
  4. Data destruction is carried out in accordance with NIST Guidelines;
  5. Prescribe the requirements for security and storage measures for the electronics product;
  6. The requirements for insurance policy to cover potential risk and liabilities are stipulated;
  7. Detailed documentation requirements demonstrate and record overall operations is stated.


R2 management system can significantly improve the recycling industry in Hong Kong on the environmental protection, hygiene, health and safety management, prevent potential risks and harm to stakeholders, of great benefit for society and people’s livelihood.

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